New Zealand is home to innovative and rapidly growing technology and public transport industries. While small in comparison to most other countries, the tech and transport sectors are making significant contributions to the economy and job market. With world-renowned universities and colleges, government initiatives, and skilled workforces, the tech and transport industries are helping to fuel economic growth and create better futures for Kiwis.

Tech Industry

The tech industry in New Zealand is booming with more companies, investment and jobs than ever before. In addition to the traditional software, web and mobile development, game development and artificial intelligence industries, the country is increasingly becoming a hub for robotics, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things.

Government initiatives such as the DigitalNZ project, designed to increase access to digitally-available information, are having a big impact in encouraging tech startups and businesses. The government is also investing heavily in research and development, helping to nurture new companies and products.

Employment Opportunities

The tech sector is providing plentiful employment opportunities for all levels of skill. Demand for engineers and software developers is especially strong, but there are also plenty of jobs available for people with other technical and non-technical skills. The tech industry also offers potential for career growth, with many opportunities for experienced professionals to move into management and technology leadership roles.

Support for Startups

New Zealand’s tech industry provides great support for startups, with a variety of services and resources available to help them succeed. These services include incubators, accelerators, and mentoring programs designed to help young companies launch products and establish themselves in the market. There are also government-funded support initiatives such as the Callaghan Innovation Research & Development Grants, designed to help tech companies increase their productivity.

Public Transport Industry

The public transport industry in New Zealand is also experiencing huge growth, driven largely by the country’s expanding population and the increasing demand for efficient, reliable and convenient transport services.

The public transport industry is currently undergoing a major transformation, with investment in new technology, improved infrastructure, and innovative services. This includes new bus, rail, and ferry services, constructed with the latest safety and efficiency technologies.


The government is working with the industry to achieve these goals. Several initiatives are in progress, including the Public Transport Strategic Plan, which seeks to improve public transport infrastructure, safety and operations. The plan also seeks to increase access to transport, making it easier for people from all backgrounds to access it.

Transport App Solutions

Technology is also playing an important role in improving public transport services. The government has been encouraging transport providers to adopt innovative mobile solutions, making it easier for commuters to access services. This includes mobile ticketing solutions and transport apps, which allow users to buy tickets, plan journeys and view timetables.


New Zealand’s tech and public transport industries are two of the country’s most important economic drivers, providing a wealth of employment and economic opportunities. With innovative government initiatives and a strong focus on technology, the industries are well-positioned to continue to grow and develop in the future.

Kiwis can be proud of the contributions that the tech and transport industries have made and will continue to make to New Zealand’s future.

  • Tech industry is providing plenty of employment opportunities
  • Government initiatives to increase digital access
  • Support for startups to help them succeed
  • Public transport industry undergoing a major transformation
  • Innovative initiatives and technologies to improve services and access.

With growing investment in both sectors, innovative technologies and government initiatives, New Zealand is poised to reap the rewards of the tech and public transport industries for years to come.